Unable to Install OS X El Capitan FileVault conversion in progress

The problem can happen when you are trying to install/reinstall MacOS and FileVault is active but optimizing is not yet completed.

Go the Recovery mode (hold cmd + R during boot)
– open a terminal, and type: diskuitl cs list
In the Logical Volume you will find Conversion Progress : Paused
– I opened a second terminal window
– Searched for the binary ‘corestoraged’: find / -name 'corestorage*'
– found it in the recovery folder: /usr/libexec/corestoraged
– Started corestoraged in the found folder: /usr/libexec/corestoraged
– Check the HD via the first terminal, the Conversion progress now showed a percentage, after a hour the hd was converted.
– than I could reinstall El capitan from the same recovery mode.
– After the reinstall everything was like it was.

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