Hi, my name is Vlad.

If you want hire me for your own projects please contact with me via email – adm@progger.ru

I am a full stack web developer with more than 5 years of experience who can take your idea from start to finish.

What differentiates me from other candidates is my understanding of the entire process and my ability to handle all aspects of front-end and back-end development.
This includes clean designs, well-documented code, and a seamless development cycle.

My portfolio of completed websites includes a varied range of businesses and projects.
Business projects include eCommerce sites for hats, swimwear, clothes, and photography, a CRM system for the Russian branch of Ahmad, a CRM system for ISP, a multilingual CRM system for Chinese factories, refactoring and improvements to a CRM for a British company (check my Upwork profile for more info).
Also I did a lot of integrations of different API for my customers.

Design & Development skill sets:
– Custom PHP Development
– YII Framework (1st and 2nd versions)
– RabbitMQ
– Opencart
– Custom Opencart plugins & themes (with and without VQmod)
– WordPress
– JavaScript & jQuery
– MySQL/Postgresql and others
– HTML5/CSS3, Twitter-Bootstrap 3, Responsive site creation from scratch
– Vagrant
– Ansible

API experience:
– Securetrading.com integration from scratch
– XERO.com
– Mailchimp
– Yandex money
– Custom API integrations

IT & Networking skill sets:
– Securing the server from DDoS
– Setting up dedicated servers from scratch
– Nginx + PHP-FPM
– Iptables & network security

Work Ethic:
– I am very proficient at my skills.
– I will communicate with you throughout the entire process, either by email or by Skype.
– I think ahead during every project and will make suggestions that will help you in the long term.
– I will always execute your plan in specific detail and on deadline.

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